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What's your favorite universal fandom song? I mean the song that seems to work for just about every ship/fandom/character you come across. It could be rampantly used, like Closer by NIN (lyrics here, video here) or it could be an undiscovered gem, like...well...you tell me!

On an unrelated topic, does anyone want to be a maintainer?  It appears to me that I can make everyone one, if they'd like to be.

Two submissions.

Song: Blood of a Young Wolf
Band: Buck 65
Fandom: House, MD

Sendspace download.


Why? It reminds me of Gregory House. To be precise, it reminds me of him because it's a rich tangle of thoughts and feelings that take a long time to fully grasp the complete meanings of. It's a twisting path to its endpoint, and the word-picture that gets painted is one of lonliness and struggles against the world at large, fighting the whole time for a sense of person and place.

I think this would make for a great character-based study vid, in the hands of the right person.

Song: For You
Band: Barenaked Ladies
Fandom: House, MD

Sendspace download.


Why? It reminds me of James Wilson. To be precise, it reminds me of him because ever since the first episode, he's been the most stealthily screwed-up character on the show, and a good two-thirds of Barenaked Ladies' body of work is cheerful, upbeat songs about crushing depression. This one in particular is a jaunty tune that's wrapped around someone confessing he'll never quite be happy with himself or the world around him, even as he sacrifices so much.

World in My Eyes

Song: World in My Eyes
Band: Depeche Mode
Fandom: Torchwood (specifically Jack Harkness)



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Just to get the ball rolling.

I'd like to propose that Wilson is a bitch! Or at least, that Meridith Brooks's song, Bitch describes him pretty darn well.

Song: Bitch

Artist: Meridith Brooks.

Fandom: House M.D.

Link: Here.

Lyrics: Here
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Greetings! DJ TashaE here,  and this is WFAN,fanradio , a community for the discussion of music and fandom! Got the perfect anthem for your OTP? Know your favorite character's favorite song? Just love talking fandom with like minded music lovers? Then this is the station for you!

Dorky DJ names are encouraged. Bashing of any sort will be met with fierce West Side Story style dancing. All comments, critiques, spelling errors, chastisement and offers for help should be directed to me, tasha_elizabeth .


Suggested Format

Song: Title of Song

Band: Band Name

Fandom: Whichever Fandom

Links: (Youtube video or myspace page type links, please. No very illegal downloading)
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